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Quality Care While your Horse is in Training

* Hay fed up to four times a day

* Grain fed twice a day, with a third meal provided to hard-keepers or those in heavy work

* Supplements (Smartpak or equivalent) provided

* Daily turnout in small groups (some individual turnout available)

* Blanket changes dependent on weather conditions

* Scheduling for vet, farrier and dentist, including handling for routine procedures

* Full access to all amenities

* Seasonal deworming and yearly fecal evaluation (farm grouping) according to veterinary instruction

Training Packages and Individual Lessons

* Training plans and goals are discussed and evaluated quarterly with each individual

* Each training session is 45 minutes,  (30 minute lessons are also available)

* Trailer-ins are always welcome but require full health certificates and vaccinations (no exceptions)

* As a training facility, each horse is evaluated and a custom training program is created to maximizing your horse's progress and health, to help your horse and you achieve your riding goals.

* Coaching at shows is available

* Riding at shows is available with all related costs covered by horse owner

* Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your horse achieve success in dressage.


Clinics are a huge component of Windswept Farm LLC. We strive for continuous learning, both for our students and ourselves. Providing opportunities for outside instruction enhances our ability to bring the best training experience to the horses and riders in our barn family

Past repeat clinicians include:

Rebecca Cowdon International Dressage Trainer and competitor.

* Sara Schmitt - USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist; FEI competitor; and large S judge

* Charlotte Lassetter of England - International Grand Prix Competitor/Trainer

* Claudio Oliveira Grand Prix rider and trainer, specializing in piaffe and passage work, both in hand and under saddle.

* Matt Mclaughlin - USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist

* Wendy Shaeffer of Australia - 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist in Three Day Eventing, and International Grand Prix Show Jumper

* Plus many more amazing individuals over the years! 

We also love to audit and participate in other clinics within the northeast area, thereby supporting the greater dressage community.